Flaco Coquito®    aka Skinny Coquito™    

The Healthier Coquito®
Flaco Coquito® aka Skinny Coquito™ was born from tradition, but enjoyed in a healthier way. I decided to take my family's secret recipe and make a healthier version of Coquito. My final product, not only took me by surprise, but also my family. Making it healthier with low sugar, low fat, vegan options, allowed all of my family to partake, keeping our tradition alive!

My grandmother died of cancer in 2009,  we wanted the holidays to feel as they did when she and my uncle were alive. The taste of Coquito, brings us back to the holidays at my grandmother's house. The smell of her food cooking, the sound of aguinaldos playing in the background, my family playing dominos, as us kids played la guira and the maracas. 

We did Parrandas within her building, she was full of life, carefree and fun!  The holidays will never be the same without my uncle and grandma, being taken back to that time is priceless!
Huge celebration for thanksgiving, not just for our family, but for everyone! And I mean everyone, she kept her door open with a broom stick! 
Cynthia Sepulveda- has worked  for over 16 years in the financial industry; most of those years were  dedicated to Convertible Trading support and Portfolio Management administration. Cynthia has an excellent understanding of customer service and is committed to customer satisfaction.  Cynthia is also a  member of The National Association of Bartenders, she is a certified Bartender.  
Sonia Pena has vast experience and a wealth of knowledge in marketing and media. Ms. Pena has over 16 years of experience during which she has developed a specialization in Hispanic Advertising. Among the top tier brands for which Ms. Pena has managed national and local television, radio and print campaigns are: Kraft, Heineken, Tecate, Avon, Comcast, Mars, Sunny Delight, and Post Cereal. ​