Flaco Coquito®    aka Skinny Coquito™    

The Healthier Coquito®

At Flaco Coquito, we are proud to have received the following reviews:

Charles Juan Jeremy Perez

"Flaco Coquito is liquid heaven in a bottle. I paired it with desert as the finale of a five course meal and everyone wanted seconds and thirds (of Flaco Coquito), Everyone was happy to know that they were drinking a healthier coquito. The customer service was outstanding, they bring new meaning to service with a smile. Thank you so much for making one of my favorite drinks accessible any time of the year." 
David Mendez

"Loved the chocolate Coquito, hubby loved the dulce de lecho and my favorite was the traditional. The traditional was gone on Thanksgiving. Nothing better than the taste of our culture and a lil bit of aguinardos for the holidays. Thanks again! 
Veronica Garcia 

"This is the comment Edwin left on the Morena Magazine website under our interview: "I have the pleasure of saying that I have bestowed my tastebuds within the flavors of Flaco Coquito drinks and it isn't exaggeration when I say that Cynthia hits it on the mark! It's amazing that she's able to make Coquito for everyone both healthy and incredibly delicious! I had Flaco Coquito at a filming of a movie assoc producer of The Wrestler Evan Ginsburg and at my Music video release party,and live YouTube lab sessions performance and it rocked every single time! So thank u from all of us Cynthia for the gift of your beautiful product.!" 
Edwin Vazquez 

"WOW!!!!! Chocolate mint Coquito! An explosion of deliciousness in my mouth!!! YUM! thank you Pepper Negron for sharing this with me" 
Mariluz Fontanez

"My compliments to all of you guys at the Coquito - Cupcakes Holiday Mixer & Art Exhibit. What a wonderful group of people, everyone made us feel welcomed. Hope you guys continue to have lots of success. Flaco Coquito great job in converting a traditional drink into something very unique." My question: How did you like Flaco Coquito: his answer "It was excellent!!! Definitely will place a few orders for Christmas. It was also a pleasure meeting you, thanks again for your hospitality. 
Raul Hernandez

"Surprising delicious. Never would imagine that Coquito was made in other flavors. Great product. My two favorites was the white chocolate y mango." 
Hector M. Pereira

"Galalatina saluda a Flaco Coquito por el rico coquito mmmmmmmmm" 
Juan Gerena

"Thank you Cynthia! The pleasure was mine having you, Sonia and Flaco Coquito there leaving the taste of our island in the tastebuds. Everyone Luved your Coquito! It's clear that Flaco Coquito is the New York's best Coquito!" 

"Flaco Coquito was an amazing tasting experience. Even today I still taste the coquito on my tongue. I really do believe you have a wonderful product."  (Her favorite was the white chocolate Flaco Coquito.)
Melenie Acosta 

"I got the chance to taste Flaco Coquito in costa rica and it was amazing. It was like having grandma make it on Christmas like she does every year." 
Anthony Gonzalez

"Flaco Coquito is delicious..I'm enjoying right now in my bkyd Gazeebo.. I recommend EVERYONE to get a taste and purchase one or a few bottles.. I'm looking forward to working w u again!" 
Edwin Vazquez

"Thank you so much for the awesome Coquito. I’ve tried many different types, but never did I have Almond Coquito. It was fabulous!" -
Heather Conneely

"I had the mango coquito and it was amazing! Holiday flavor with a summer twist!!! And did I forget to mention guilt free:)" Johanna Camacho-Rivera


"Your coquito is the only one I can drink, it doesn't hurt my stomach and its soo delicious! =) yummy yummy" 
Monique Maldonado

"I had a BDAY smashfest..But the Highlight on Smashfest was the Bottles of that sweet Cooquito Nectar of the Gods... That was awesome! Cheers" 

"Saturday's event went so well. Flaco Coquito, you rock. Chocolate is my favorite but all the many other flavors are yummlicious too. You are the bomb dot com" 
Georgina Colon

"The fair was great mama and the coquito was delicious!!! Wepa nena and much continued success!" 
Gina Wright

"Had a great time Saturday, I have to come get another bottle real soon. Its the best tasting coquitio to drink all year round!" Nichole Nicky Milligan

"Cyn, I have to say, your mango coquito is the best refreshing flavor i've ever had! I couldn't stop drinking it, had a great time thanks again!" 

"The vanilla latte non dairy coquito was AWESOME! it was shipped from NYC to Indiana, the non dairy coquito, it shipped well and it tasted great if I didn't know before that It was non-dairy I would have never guessed, it was smooth creamy and delicious." 
Alicia Lucas

​"Your passion fruit drink was exquisite! Thanks! Can't wait until my next one!" 
Yasmin Lugo Hernandez

"I'm in love with your Coquito no matter the flavor thanks Flaco Coquito, you ROCK coconuts ;)" 
Tennille House

"Cynthia, the coquito was great, best I ever had!!!!!!" 
Johanna Camacho-Rivera

"Your Candy Coquito was amazing. Thank you. Have a very Merry Christmas." 
Roslyn Greaux

"Coquito was amazing !!!! Family loved it!!! Thanks again!!!" 
Carolina Palomino

 "the Coquito was amazing !!!!!!!! My sister said it was the best she ever had. I would like another bottle :)"
Dery Rodriguez

"Wow the coco coquito was absolutely delicious! I want to try the candy cane one now" 
Isabel Chan-Cuevas

"Thanks for the bottles of coquito one of them is already finished they are amazing." 
Phil Herrera

"I love that you have choices of flavor and Dairy free available.. New flavor style with a traditional taste...Wow!" 
A.j. Bear Taylor

"I love, love, love your coquito. This must absolutely be a part of the rest of my life." 
Richard Daley

"December is shaping up to be a great month. My fridge is stocked with Flaco coquito all flavors to see me through to the new year. The best I ever had! Thanks again!" 
Abraham Severino

"Cindy baby, I don't know if told you literally but you the bomb.com. Ok yes I do on the regular. Its the truth. Thanx you rock! Love ya sweetness. Xoxoxo!!!" 
Georgina Gottaluvme Colon

"thanks for lettin me taste ur deeelicious coquito..ur recipe is one of a kind..yum chocolate" 
Melinda Martinez 

"The best Coquito I ever had, chocolate, pumpkin, vanilla latte, almond, and original!" 
Nichole Nicky Milligan

"Cynthia you make The Best Coquito! Guaranteed Great Taste! Guaranteed Hit at your event! New Flavor : 
Vanilla Latte coquito rocks!" 
Kudeza Miah 

"I just want to put this out there, I appreciate when someone puts their heart into preparing a great meal or a great drink. So I'm going to let you in on a little secret, if you enjoy eggnog or Coquito you better taste Flaco Coquito ASAP!!! Its made with the best ingredients and it comes in differant flavors. SORRY its not in stores yet!!! So don't drink that stuff they call eggnog in the supermarket, Treat yourself!!!! ITS THE HOLIDAYS!!! Godbless!!!" 
John Rotante

Roberto Martinez

"Feeling thirsty for your INCREDIBLE FLACO COQUITO. Had a small taste & now hooked. get me chocolate almond" Ricardo Estevez 

"Great job Cynthia! The chocolate coquito was official!! Keep up the good work!" 
Roberto Martinez

"let me just say that the coquito is DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!! we drank the bottle in 30 minutes!!!" 
Angel Junito Rivera

"Thank You for the Almond Coquito, taste great, and my husband said "it is off the hook"! Happy Thanksgiving" 
Nichole Nicky Milligan

"your Coquito is the Bomb.com ! Thank you sooooo much!" 
Rose Marie Soto

"Flaco Coquito got the Best Coquito. Authentic Puerto Rican Coquito!" 
Nadine Santiago

"Thank you for the Most delicious Chocolate coquito!!! YOU have a winner in my eyes... and taste buds!... going back for my Reyes bottle!! WEPA! Gracias" 
Mia ArtbyMia Roman

"OMG, Cindy baby you out did yourself! The Chocolate Coquito is the bomb.com just like you. Thanks a mil. Just like Cee said I am going to try to hold it til Wednesday You are the best. Xoxoxo!!!" 
Georgina Gottaluvme Colon

"Flaco Coquito makes the best Coquito you will ever taste. You have to try it. my fav PUMPKIN and Reeses Pieces" 
Sonia Pena

"Your coquito is muy delicioso!!" 
Cee Matos

"Coquito!!!! Aqui Yo Quiero un Trago. *Scarface Tony Montana voice*" 
Nicole Lawtone

"WOW! Simply amazing! Hands down some of the best Coquito I have ever had! Cindy you have out done yourself. I am really impressed w/ your work. I really could taste all the love you have put in to all the different Coquito flavors. Chocolate Coquito was my favorite! So, so good! Thanks so Much Cindy : )" 
Joey Morales

"Pumpkin Coquito was a huge success" 
Cee Matos

"I TRIED THE COCO SOOOOOOOOOOO FREAK'N DELICIOUS! Its inspired to make a Coquito Flan!" 
Kudeza Miah 

"I love the candy cane flavor. It was just right - light and fluffy! The chocolate is awesome too...that is my favorite. Yummm.........can't wait to try them all!!" 
Isabel Chan-Cuevas

"Chocolate coquito is amazing!! Your doing a great job!! Never tasted anything like it!!" 
Catherine DeJesus

"I must say the absolute best by far with so many different flavors to choose from. You're doing an amazing job" 
Tisha Tish

"COQUITO recipes were off the hook!" 
Edgar Lopez

"The Coquito is DELISH and I don't even like Coquito but I can drink yours.. Excellent" 
Nixy Gerena

"My in-laws looooooove the coco coquito. My MIL said it was the best that she had ever had :D" 

"Merry Christmas Darling!! The Chocolate & Almond coquito were incredibly delishhhhh!! We all fought for the last drop! Best I've ever had!! Thanks again ;-) *XoXo*" 
Stina Lopez

"One love potion down n it was F*ing amazing! U rock!" 
Yasmin Lugo Hernandez

Flaco Coquito would like to thank all our customers for their continue support. I dedicate this page to our top clients. Customers of the month! Cheers

"Flaco Coquito, thank you for your amazingly delicious Coquito, you are always a hit at all my functions" 
Jason Alvarado

"Flaco Coquito has catered for many of my functions, we are absolutely in love with their drinks, the passion fruit and chocolate coquitos were a huge hit with the ladies, thank you for helping make our parties memorable."
Stina Lopez

"I have always wanted to drink Coquito and enjoy the holidays with my friends and family, but sadly I never could because I can't drink dairy products. Then I had yours, I never knew heaven can come in a glass. The highlight of my parties was that sweet lactose free nectar of the Gods, I never heard my boys use the word delicious that much in my life. My new favorite drink....Cheers"
 A.J. Taylor