Our Story 

My grandmother was the matriarch of our family, she kept our family traditions alive through her delicious Puerto Rican delicacies; Coquito being one of them. When she passed away from cancer in 2009, our family gatherings and celebrations just weren’t the same without her touch. To honor my grandmother, in 2012, Flaco Coquito® - Skinny Coquito® was born. I decided to take over my grandmother’s Coquito making, altering her recipe and incorporating a few changes of my own. As in many Latino families, many illnesses plague my family. I wanted to make it so that my family could once again enjoy this Puerto Rican beverage making it dairy-free, vegan and organic with a healthier twist.


My grandmother was always so full of life, carefree and fun! The holidays will never be the same without my mom, uncle & grandma, but every time I taste Flaco Coquito® - Skinny Coquito® I am transported to those priceless moments!

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