Our Story

Cynthia Sepulveda is the owner and founder of Flaco Coquito® - a family company.

     The Story Behind Flaco Coquito


       My grandma, Goya, was the matriarch of our family. She kept our Puerto Rican traditions alive through her delicious delicacies, Coquito being one of them. I remember thinking about how one sugary, coconutty substance can be the glue that binds the family together during gatherings. How that drink made everyone happy and how they always wanted grandma's Coquito. 

     When she passed away from cancer in 2009, our family gatherings weren't the same without her touch. To honor her, I decided to continue with the family traditions. I took grandma Goya's Coquito recipe and altered it. To cater to those who can't drink a Coquito made with a lot of sugar, dairy, and canned products that contain chemicals like BPA. 

    As in many families, diabetes and cancer plague mine. I wanted to make it so that my family could once again enjoy Coquito making it dairy-free, vegan, and organic. In 2012, Flaco Coquito® - Skinny Coquito® was created. In 2018, Flaco Coquito® - Skinny Coquito® was officially released in the market. 


Grandma Goya was always so full of life, carefree, and fun! The holidays will never be the same without my mom, uncle and grandma, but every time I taste Flaco Coquito® - Skinny Coquito® I am transported to those priceless moments!

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