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Our Feature on CBS New York for

Hispanic Heritage Month

Meet Cynthia Sepulveda, Owner & Founder

Coconut Trees

Made With Natural Ingredients

Coconut in a Bottle

Flaco Coquito is handcrafted using the finest natural ingredients. Our Puerto Rican "Coquito" is a tradition in a bottle: delicious and smooth. Flaco Coquito is made with all-natural ingredients such as coconuts, lime, and Madagascan vanilla extract; infused with cinnamon tea and spices, and contains 15% alcohol (30 proof). Our Coquito is dairy-free, gluten-free, and made with love. Our bottles are individually hand-dipped in red wax for a beautiful finish. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coquito is a traditional coconut alcoholic beverage originating from the island of Puerto Rico. 



Flaco Coquito is an all-natural, non-dairy coconut liqueur. Our Puerto Rican Coquito is a tradition in a bottle – delicious, light, and smooth. Flaco Coquito contains 15% alcohol, is made with all-natural coconuts and Madagascan vanilla extract, and is infused with a cinnamon tea. Our Coquito is preservative-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and contains no chemicals.​

Flaco Coquito's base is made with real coconuts. Coconut thickens when cold. We do not add any chemicals to prevent this from happening. You can store the product at room temperature, even after opening, or you can keep the bottle in your refrigerator in a low-temperature compartment. If coconut hardens, place the bottle in a warm bath for 5 minutes. 

What is Coquito?

             What is Flaco Coquito aka Skinny Coquito?

      Why does Flaco Coquito get thick when cold?

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 Our Story

"Flaco Coquito is a small batch company. I feel my ancestors in Flaco Coquito. It's more than just a drink to me; it's my Abuelita, my mother, and my entire culture in a bottle."- Cynthia Sepulveda CEO/Founder

Flaco Coquito's Sun
Coquito Lady

Enjoy and be merry!


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Our Feature on Pix 11 for Hispanic Heritage Month

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