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"Flaco Coquito is a small batch company. I feel my ancestors in Flaco Coquito. It's more than just a drink to me, it's my abuelita, my mother and my entire culture in a bottle." - Cynthia Sepulveda CEO/Founder

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What is Coquito?

"Coquito," meaning little coconut, is a traditional creamy coconut beverage originating from the island of Puerto Rico. 

What is Flaco Coquito aka Skinny Coquito?

Flaco Coquito aka Skinny Coquito is a coconut liqueur, which is specially handcrafted using the finest earthly ingredients. Our Puerto Rican "Coquito" is a tradition in a bottle, delicious, light, and smooth. Flaco Coquito is 30 proof/15% alcohol, made with organic coconuts, 181 proof premium Caribbean rum, cane juice, with notes of pure Madagascan vanilla extract and cinnamon sticks from India. Our "Coquito" is preservative-free,  dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and contains no artificial flavoring. 

Why does Flaco Coquito get thick when cold?

Flaco Coquito is made from organic coconuts, not flavoring, coconuts thicken when cold, we do not put any chemicals to prevent this from happening like most liqueurs. Store the product at room temperature, even after opening. Our product contains no dairy and we use premium grade rum to preserve the Coquito. To regain the original texture from hardening due to the cold climate, place the bottle in a lukewarm bath for 5 minutes and shake. Enjoy a glass of Flaco Coquito with a dash of cinnamon, and for a sweeter taste, a dribble of agave/honey before pouring. 


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Coconut in a Bottle

Flaco Coquito is specially handcrafted and mixed using the finest earthly ingredients. Our Puerto Rican "Coquito" is tradition in a bottle, delicious and smooth. Flaco Coquito is made with organic coconut, 181 proof Caribbean rum, with notes of pure Madagascan vanilla extract and cinnamon sticks from India. Our "Coquito" is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and made with love. Our bottles are individually hand dipped in red wax for a beautiful finish. 


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The founder Cynthia Sepulveda of Flaco Coquito was nominated 2017 Movers & Shakers by NV Magazine.  

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